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Do you guys think anal only girls are hot? I got this idea in my head of telling guys like in a club or just in general that I don’t do vaginal and if it’s going anywhere it’s in my mouth or bum lol.

Then I got this idea of a custom top that said ‘Anal Only Girl’ in big letters and wearing it out :P


It’s that time of year again. No Pussy November is coming up next month, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to start making plans with your partner for how you’re going to celebrate this vagina-free, anal only month. If you’ve been interested in the idea of going anal only, here’s your chance!


It’s that time of year again. No Pussy November is coming up next month, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to start making plans with your partner for how you’re going to celebrate this vagina-free, anal only month. If you’ve been interested in the idea of going anal only, here’s your chance!


Anonymous said: So me and my boyfriend have started doing anal, it hurt at first but after some time it felt amazing. I was wondering if I should buy an anal plug to keep it from tightening all the way back up, or what do you recommend?

Yes you should. You don’t have to wear the plug all the time (unless you want to), but a plug worn for a while before having sex, and on days when you aren’t having sex, can do wonders for helping to get and keep you relaxed. Regular anal masturbation either with fingers or a dildo, or playing with your clit and pussy while wearing a plug, can help to keep you ready for anal as well.

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Anonymous said: i loved anal since the first time that i tried, and being anal only have been one of my fantasies, but i like vaginal stimulation (everything but penetration), so the thing is, i want to be anal only, but it still counts if i get vaginal stimulation?

External vaginal and clitoral stimulation usually does not count against being anal only. There are some who take a strict no vaginal contact rule, but that is less common. Do what works for you. If you’re comfortable with anal only already, I would suggest trying a period with no vaginal stimulation as well just to experiment with the idea and see how it goes. You don’t have to commit to it long term, just give it a shot.

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xdiggerx said: Pussy always looks better when she's getting anal. I fucking love it.




User Submission: The Cultural Change Lies in the Media

How has homosexual behavior come to be seen as normal in our society? Through the consistent portrayal of gay characters in our media.
I think the day anal sex and an anal only lifestyle will be seen as a normal option in sexuality, will come when our media (tv shows, movies etc.) starts to portray it as such.
The day will come when everyone will see the anus as the main sexual hole and vaginal sex will only serve procreational purposes and people will consider it a weird sexual practice of the past.


Anal, Pleasure, Butts, and You.


So, due to a combination of annoyance and frustration at the amount of false information spread around this site about anal sex I decided to re-write my guide. This will include common myths and misconceptions, how-to, lube choices, and all sorts of other stuff.

Usual disclaimer: This will talk about sexual acts and is considered material not suitable for those under the age of 18 in most states. By clicking ‘read more’ you verify that you are of age and release me of all responsibility if you are not. This post also mentions poop in a lot of detail so you might want to hold your giggles until after it’s done.

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I’m about to start a session with just me, my ass, and my suction cup dildo. I want to ride it without touching my clit for as long as i can, and see what happens


Discussion of the Day: Anal and Incontinence

My boyfriend and I have tried anal sex a few times throughout our one year (and counting!) relationship. I currently work in the medical field as a CNA in a nursing home and I see almost everyday what bowel incontinence can do to a person’s dignity. My boyfriend enjoys anal sex and I do too (after a while of penetration). My question is, however, how often can a woman have anal sex before she becomes permanently incontinent? Please don’t judge! Thanks!

So what do people start doing? Judging.

ok honey listen. Use lube. and i mean use it. secondly only do it as a special treat not all the time.

also, arent you a little young for anal? whats wrong with vaginal sex at your age.

Starts out a bit patronizing, then makes a valid point (lots of lube is always good)… and then promptly goes off the deep end. There’s no reason to do it only as a special treat. If both partners love anal, do it as often as you want it.

Then the idiotic suggestion that a woman in her early 20s is too young to be trying anal sex and she should just be happy with her vagina at that age. Come on. Not everyone likes vaginal sex as much as anal, regardless of their age. Age has nothing to do with it. Your body and preferences does.

Finally, no one really gave a true answer. And the answer is this: safely practiced anal sex with proper warmup and lubrication, even daily anal sex with the exclusion of vaginal sex, does not cause incontinence, prolapse, fissures, hemorrhoids, or any sort of permanently loose, gaping hole. The sphincter is a muscle, and anal sex exercises it and gives you more tone and control. People who have regular anal sex have better anal control than those who don’t. You can also do kegel exercises to strengthen those muscles even further.

There are some people who have preexisting conditions that make them more susceptible to the aforementioned issues, and anal sex can aggravate or trigger the issues for those people—but so can a lot of other things. There are people who get anal fissures, hemorrhoids and prolapse simply from sitting on a toilet seat and going to the bathroom. In some cases, anal training and sex has helped people with hemorrhoids and fissures because excessive anal tightness made things worse for them.

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Article of the Day: The Case for Anal Sex

From the fantastic blog that started the entire Anal Only movement:

I am of the belief that the benefits of anal sex make it better than vaginal sex for pure pleasure and intimacy.

  1. Anal sex provides better orgasms for both partners. There’s little denying the tightness of the anus provides more stimulation for the penis, providing more intense orgasms for the male. Most females I’ve talked to that say they enjoy anal sex (in other words, they gave it a chance and didn’t have a guy who just jammed it in there) say they have more intense orgasms during anal sex then vaginal. There are many women who even prefer anal sex to vaginal for this reason.
  2. Anal sex is more intimate. Let’s face it, there really needs trust and intimacy in a relationship for anal sex. My wife and I reached a new level of intimacy when we started having anal sex. It was something that we alone shared, and our “dirty little secret”. Unlike vaginal sex which is also practiced for procreation, anal sex is only practiced for the pleasure of the participants. That, in and of itself, builds trust and intimacy. Both partners can concentrate fully on the pleasure (both received and given) during the act of anal sex.
  3. Anal sex is a great form of natural birth control. Yes, I’ve read the study that states anal sex has an 8% failure rate as a form of birth control. The same study stated condoms had an 11% failure rate. The study took into account those who said their primary form of birth control was anal sex, but then had vaginal sex. Therefore, anal sex would have a much lower failure rate if properly practiced. As well, the study says pregnancy may result from “seepage”. Common sense would dictate that you not allow that to happen. As well, semen that is deposited deep in the rectum should be beyond the rectal valves. Unless the woman is on top of the man when he withdraws his penis, the semen should stay in the anus. As well, women must remember to wipe front to back for sanitary reasons, as well as birth control.
  4. Anal sex may provide health benefits for the female recipient. Several studies have suggested the positive health effects of semen on women, such as feeling happier and more content. These studies were, one would assume, based on those having vaginal intercourse. As the rectal lining is thinner then that of the vagina, it is better able to absorb those bodies the produce the positive effects, making anal sex the superior method for delivering these benefits.

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